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The Flavours Of Duikersdrift

Duikersdrift offers an ideal setting to savor the rich tapestry of life’s finest flavors. Rather than being a conventional winery tasting room where the focus is purely on wines, the Obiqua Café tasting experience also offers a select range of artisanal beers, cheeses, and delectable tasting platters. The emphasis is on sitting back in a relaxed, homely environment with friends and family while our knowledgeable staff provide an understanding the nuances of how best to pair your favourite foods with your alcoholic beverage of choice – be it wine, beer, or gin cocktail. 


Duikersdrift Wines

Duikersdrift is a very small producer of fine hand-crafted wines. The gently undulating terrain of the farm with its ancient alluvial sandstone boulder beds and well-drained, Oakleaf and Fernwood soils are ideal for the production of wines of exceptional quality.

Duikersdrift Chenin and cheese board

Wine Tasting in Tulbagh

Sample Duikersdrift Wines with an informal wine tasting set in a relaxed environment at the on-site Obiqua Café restaurant.  

Our Syrah, Old Vine Chenin Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon /Shiraz Blend tasting is available at R20 p.p, and our Cape Ruby Port is available at R10 p.p. Alternatively, enjoy a signature Duikersdrift Wine and Cheese pairing at R155 p.p

Wine tastings are available from 11am, please see restaurant details for trading hours.

Please note that, due to limited production volumes, wine tastings are subject to availability and bookings are recommended. Please enquire telephonically to confirm availability. 

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Our Wines

Our philosophy is that life is too short for bad wine. Making good wine is like creating art, with each harvest providing a blank canvas for the expression of creative flair on the part of the wine-maker while using the palette of ripe berries at their disposal. Like art, the enjoyment of wine is very subjective with the many styles and varietals appealing to different people. The emphasis at Duikersdrift is to create easy-drinking wines that blend seamlessly with good food and our relaxed family atmosphere.

Managed by our dedicated team and overseen by winemaker Dirk Swanepoel of the nearby Oude Compagnies Post Winery, the farm’s first bottling of wine under the Duikersdrift label was realized with the 2020 maiden vintage.

Duikersdrift Syrah vineyard grapes
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Our Range Of Wines

  • Duikersdrift Syrah 2022

    As the name suggests, this delighful, vibrantly-coloured wine pays homage to the origins of this varietal, honouring a more delicate and refined style than is typical of South African Shiraz wines. The result is a fresh, linear wine with candied mulberry and lingonberry notes. Juicy on the palate with fine-grained tannins that offer structure without overpowering the fruit-driven flavour-profile. A versatile wine that can turn even fast food into a memorable meal.

  • Duikersdrift Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2022

    A robust, bold and full-bodied wine with plenty of structure and character. Cabernet-driven ruby dark fruit spectrum of blackberry, blackcurrant and cassis balanced by the more subtle tropical fruit notes of Shiraz. A perfect pairing for robustly-flavoured meals and special occasions.

  • Duikersdrift Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2022

    Concentrated flavours from the small berries of an old bush vine vineyard in Citrusdal. This wine exhibtis fine depth and character, showing an abundance of tropical and stone fruits, most notably white peach, supported by a flinty minerality. A rich and creamy mouthfeel balanced by fresh, natural acidity and a persistent and defined finish.

  • Duikersdrift Cape Ruby 2022

    Elegantly smooth and fruity – a vibrant mix of tropical fruit, dried prunes and plums. Hand selected Shiraz from the Duikersdrift Vineyard and aged in French oak for 10 months.


Duikersdrift Olive Oil

Grown on our farm in the Tulbagh Valley, with it’s excellent terroir for olives, our olive trees soak up the sunshine of hot summer days and experience the chill of the crisp Tulbagh winters featuring snow-capped peaks. This is where our award-winning Duikersdrift Extra Virgin Olive Oil begins it’s journey, before being traditionally hand-harvested, cold-pressed, bottled, and making it’s way into your kitchen. To capture the flavours and aromas of the freshly harvested olives, our olives are picked at optimum ripeness and are cold-extracted within 24 hours to produce our liquid gold.

Duikersdrift Olive Oil tasting

Olive Oil Tasting in Tulbagh

*Olive Oil Tastings are unfortunately currently unavailable*

Visit the Obiqua Café Restaurant to sample the flavours of our award-winning Duikersdrift Frantoio single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our Frantoio Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive oil tasting is complimentary, and includes 50ml of each olive oil served with fresh farm-style bread.

Please note that, due to limited production volumes, olive oil tastings are subject to availability. Please enquire telephonically to confirm availability. 

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Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made using only Frantoio olives, an Italian olive variety highly regarded for its exceptional oil quality, our local crop has yielded a medium intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This premium olive oil is the perfect companion to farm-style bread, fish and seafood, chicken, pasta dishes, or even drizzled over a fresh seasonal salad.

Duikersdrift SA Olive Awards 2021 Silver
Duikersdrift olives
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Duikersrdift bottled olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend is made using two varietals grown on our farm, Frantoio and Coratina olives. This versatile, superbly balanced medium intensity olive oil, distinguished by its golden-green hue, can be enjoyed drizzled over a fresh salad or pasta, dipped with freshly-baked bread, or paired with grilled vegetables.

Duikersdrift SA Olive Awards 2021 Silver


Buchanan's Brewery Craft Beer

Proudly homegrown, Buchanan’s has a distinct heritage as the only Craft Brewery in the upper Tulbagh Valley. The Brewery itself is not open to the public but the unique range of beers are available and can be sampled alone or paired with cheeses or a selection of tasting platters. As of March 2021, Duikersdrift has partnered with Rod Buchanan to bring the Buchanan’s Brand and Tasting Room to its new home on the farm. 

Duikersdrift Obiqua craft beer tasting

Beer Tasting

Discover the unique flavours of Buchanan’s Brewery craft beers with a laid-back beer tasting at Obiqua Café Restaurant.

Various tasting options are available,  including individual 100ml tastings at R12 per beer p.p, the ever popular tasting paddle with a selection of 7 craft beers at R72 p.p, and the signature beer and food pairing at R220 p.p

Beer tastings are available from 11am, please see restaurant details for trading hours.

Please note that, due to limited production volumes, beer tastings are subject to availability and bookings are recommended. Please enquire telephonically to confirm availability. 

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The Perfect Partner To Any Meal

If you really want to get the most out of your beer and food pairing, brewer Rod Buchanan recommends avoiding pairing subtle meals or beers with partners exhibiting extremely powerful taste profiles.

For a contrasting pairing, salty or spicy meals pair well with a dark, full-flavoured bitter beer whereas sweeter flavoured meals require malty, sweet beers.

For a complimentary pairing, match rich foods with beers that have a heavy and rich flavour, like stouts or porters, while light meals such as salads and fish dishes and even desserts do best with light beers or wheat beers.

A palate cleansing pairing is ideal for dishes or beers that have strong or overpowering flavours, like very bitter beer or spicy food. Cool and refreshing light beer washes down the heat without neutralising the flavour of the food, while fatty foods such as fries or nuts cut through the bitterness of an IPA.

Duikersdrift Obiqua Buchanans Beer
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Hand-Crafted Beers On Tap

  • Winter Ale

    Bitterness: 17 IBU | Alcohol: 5% Vol
    Inspired by the European Christmass Beers, this beer was designed for our annual Christmas in Winter Festival and is now an all-year-round favourite. this light bodied ale is brewed with wheat malt and flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, orange peel, and honey.

  • My Sweetie

    Bitterness: 22 IBU | Alcohol: 3% Vol
    Dedicated to our sweet and affectionate Labrador, this medium bodied ale is low in alcohol, but has a full flavoured maltiness.

  • Slow Boat Smoked Ale

    Bitterness: 27 IBU | Alcohol: 5% Vol
    A collaboration with our local Blues/Rock band. This medium bodied ale is brewed in the German Rauchbier style, using Beechwood smoked Barley Malt.

  • The Bruno

    Bitterness: 34 IBU | Alcohol: 5% Vol
    In memory of Sweeties big brother, Bruno, our fearless and dependable Labrador. A couple of these and you will be fearless but probably not very dependable! A medium bodied ale brewed in the Belgian Pale Ale style, with a little extra hops kick.

  • Amandla Ale

    Bitterness: 38 IBU | Alcohol: 5% Vol
    Brewed with almost exclusively South African ingredients, this fruity hoppy pale ale will get your patriotic juices flowing.

  • Sons of Stout

    Bitterness: 27 IBU | Alcohol: 3% Vol
    Three of my well proportioned friends gave their stamp of approval to this full bodied milk stout with it's powerful roasted flavours.

  • Tulbagh Ale

    Bitterness: 22.5 IBU | Alcohol: 4% Vol
    A light bodied beer, crisp and refreshing, perfect for quaffing in the summer heat. A nod to all those people who asked for lager at the events I've attended.

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Duikersdrift provides guests with an abundance of exciting activities and amenities to ensure an unforgettable stay.

What's On

See the latest updates and events happening at Duikersdrift and the Tulbagh Valley.

The Valley

From exploring the picturesque countryside to indulging in the region's world-renowned wines, there's no shortage of activities and experiences to enjoy.

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What's On

Obiqua Café Mongolian Stir-Fry Thursdays

Visit Obiqua Cafe at Duikersdrift for a unique and interactive dining experience every Thursday night. Create your own stir-fry by choosing from a selection of delicious ingredients and watch our talented chef cook up your meal in front of you. Mongolian Stir-Fry Thursdays make for the perfect date-night or social event with friends and family.

Price per person is R195 for adults and R125 for kiddies, which includes dessert and a soft drink.

For bookings, contact Obiqua Cafe on +27 (0) 60 555 2943. See you there!

What's On

Duikersdrift Parkrun

Duikersdrift is proud to be the home of Tulbagh’s only Parkrun event. The Duikersdrift Parkrun features a 5km (3.1mi) trail run that winds throughout the farm, across different outdoor terrain. Parkrun is a free and fun event that takes place every Saturday at 8am and everyone is welcome to join, whether you prefer to walk, jog, run, spectate, or volunteer. After the event, head over to the restaurant to enjoy a post Parkrun coffee and socialize with fellow runners.

What's On

Tulbagh Christmas In Winter

Marvel at Christmas trimmings and glittering lights, browse arts, crafts, galleries, and shops. Enjoy cheese and olive tastings, pony rides,  face painting and tractor trips for the little ones. Take a scenic tractor trip up Oudekloof Pass or go on a horseback outride or Zipslide adventure. Join winemakers for tastings, tours, and activities. Experience log fires, Christmas trees, winter lunches, and traditional fare at restaurants. The Winterland Blues Festival will be held at The Bike Forge and a music event at Reflections Guest Farm. Ticket includes programme, entrance to 5 Museums, and a chance to win a R30,580 prize at Aquila Private Game Reserve. Gate takings support CHAIN – Community Helping Animals in Need.

What's On

Tulbagh Vintage & Vine Faire

Experience the rich cultural heritage through locally made traditional dishes and tasty treats. It will be a day of family entertainment, music, fun events, and an opportunity for visitors to spend the weekend in the country reliving days gone by.

This year the highlight of the event will be a wine auction presented by Beyers Truter.

Dust off the Vintage garb and come and join in the fun!

Contact:  023 230 1375 / 48 or info@tulbaghtourism.co.za
Tickets: R120 pp, Children Under 18 – Free
Location: Morgansvlei Country Estate / Troulandgoed